Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Time Rich And Andy Went To India – Ep. 16

Ever felt like a fish out of water in a new place? For Rich and Andy, that happened when they went to India, and had an amazing time… with a bit of culture shock.

In this fun holiday episode, Rich and Andy reminisce about a 10-day business trip they took to India. They met with longtime business associates, spoke at a conference, saw some sights, oh and Rich ended up in the ER.

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How To Create A Link Building Engine – Ep. 15

Want more free traffic from Google? You need a link building engine! Here’s a proven blueprint.

Watch as Andy and Rich break down link building strategies that no longer work… while also providing strategies that WILL. Getting quality, relevant, links to your site is still the key organic search rankings, here’s how to do it in today’s online climate.

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Why You Need A Brand – Ep. 14

Brands aren’t just for giant corporations. In fact, they’re the key to growing a small or mid-sized business.

Andy and Rich lay out exactly what having a solid brand can do for your enterprise… including increasing revenues and protecting your business in the long term!

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When To Sell Your Company – Ep. 13

Here’s the single best way to tell if it’s time to sell your company.

Watch as Andy and Rich discuss a decision that many business owners have wrestled with. Making the right choice regarding a company sale can have a tremendous impact on your life… so make sure you’re taking the correct approach!

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Don’t Hire Employees For Your Startup – Ep. 12

Want to hire an employee at your startup? Here’s why a contractor might be far more effective, and cheaper, too.

Watch as Andy and Rich discuss the pros and cons of using contract labor vs hiring employees. It’s not always a bad idea to hire an employee, but you might be surprised to discover how holding off on doing so can be a HUGE benefit to your business!

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Know The Game You’re Playing – Ep. 11

Do you know what you’re really trying to accomplish with your business or entrepreneurial pursuits?

Rich and Andy tackle some more existential questions that all entrepreneurs (and anyone in a professional capacity) should ask themselves. Truly understanding your “why” and how you define success, will help ensure you achieve your goals.

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