Our History

FunnelUp really started in 2004, in a dorm room. It wasn’t called “FunnelUp” then… it wasn’t called anything. Rich’s college roommate — Andy — told him about something called “AdSense”. And something else called “SEO.” So Rich and Andy pooled together their savings ($8,000), and launched a startup. Two years later, the two partners were almost able to pay themselves a minimum wage salary! (Not quite.)

After many long nights hunched over a laptop with little success, we finally stepped back, and realized we were drowning in "tactics," but missing a traffic strategy. We hit the "reset button," and mapped it out. We put all of our most successful tactics into a scalable integrated traffic system focused on bringing in converting customers.

After that, the pieces started to come together...leads increased ...cost per client decreased ...and the growth came fast and furious.


Since the success of our first tech startup, we’ve worked together to build several more successful web businesses, all fueled by high ROI online traffic. More recently, we've also had the pleasure of using the scaleable traffic systems we’ve created on behalf of our client's businesses, and have watched their business growth accelerate as a result.

In 2017, we decided to focus our efforts exclusively on helping successful businesses grow their brand awareness and online sales through full service marketing execution and consulting. Today we work with a select group of clients, at times as consultants, but more commonly by executing on traffic and lead generation strategies in specific service channels.

Looking ahead to 2018, and "the traffic game" is almost unrecognizable compared to when we started in 2004. Yes, the landscape is more competitive... but we see huge OPPORTUNITY. The companies that crush it on the web today have a strong product marketed via an integrated traffic strategy that includes content marketing, paid media and retargeting, all executed at the highest levels.

There is a huge opportunity right now for businesses to dominate their industry via an integrated traffic strategy that achieves scalable leads at a lower cost per client acquisition than their competitors. It's a strategy that we pursue ourselves -- and it's this "gospel" that we want to spread to help your business grow!