Content Marketing Service – 100% “Done For You”

Let FunnelUp Build Your Organic Traffic Machine With High Quality Content Marketing.

Hand us the keys, and we’ll handle everything. We’ll create and publish brand-aligned content that will increase your search engine rankings and drive qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Many digital advertising agencies offer content marketing services, but often they generate non-brand aligned off topic content that drives eyeballs, but ultimately doesn’t bring converting customers. We are fundamentally different: our content marketing services are designed to generate attention and links exclusively within your industry, which means that the organic traffic our campaigns generate turn into leads and ultimately sales for your organization.

Our results-oriented approach and experience is the difference. Organic traffic represents a huge opportunity for brands when executed correctly. We’ll help you increase search engine traffic that converts, via targeted content and its associated promotion, so you can increase your sales and ROI with a high performing organic traffic machine.

Here’s How We Can Transform Your Content Marketing.

After an initial consultation, we can immediately begin transforming (or launching) your content marketing with our five step process.

  1. Strategic Alignment. We’ll talk with your team, and determine big picture goals, your brand focus and your ideal customer, to ensure your campaign drives maximum revenue and achieves real world results.
  2. Content Design & Strategy. After discussing KPI’s and core funnel pieces, we’ll identify content topics and publishing outlets that have the best chance at maximizing ROI.
  3. Content Development. We can work with your team, or completely independently to create unique brand-conscious and industry focused content marketing pieces.
  4. Continual Management & Optimization. We’ll continually test, iterate, and optimize your content strategy to deliver increased ROI and scale within budget constraints.
  5. Communication & Reporting. We believe ROI is king, and transparent reporting is a key to success in organic traffic generation. We’ll give you monthly reports detailing content results, inbound links, ROI, and context. Plus, we’ll be in communication day-to-day as much or as little as you like.

We can also combine Content Marketing with other channels (like AdWords and Facebook) to maximize ROI and results from retargeting.

Here’s Our Pricing Structure (And It’s Surprisingly Transparent).

Unlike many other digital advertising agencies, we believe that our pricing structure shouldn’t be “hidden” until after a sales call. So we’re transparent about how we price our services.

  • Initial Setup: $5,000, one-time.
  • Monthly Content Marketing: $6,000 (4 pieces per month).

Interested in discussing further? Let’s setup a time to chat!

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