SEM Lead Management Services

Let FunnelUp Manage Your Paid Search Lead Generation And Tracking.

Hand us the keys, and we’ll help you generate and close more leads on platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads.

Here’s How We Can Transform Your Paid Search Marketing

After an initial consultation, we can immediately start building your paid search plan, targeting getting more leads that meet your ideal client profile, as well as selecting which platforms will deliver the best ROI. Here’s our typical process:

Landing Page Design & Creation

Successful paid search campaigns typically require narrowly focused landing pages that properly track all incoming traffic to enable ROI tracking at the individual lead level.

  • Campaign Design: We’ll design Ad campaigns within your stated budget targeting your ideal clientele, using our proprietary tactics to give a good baseline to begin testing and iterating from.

Implement End to End Tracking

We track leads through our ad campaigns from first display all the way through fully closed, so that we’re able iterate on an individual click level, and achieve greater ROI by making granular adjustments possible.

  • Document Delivery Technology: We’ll provide technology to electronically deliver subscription agreements, and payment instructions, via an electronic portal.

Lead Nurturing Service

Lead Nurturing is the ‘Service’ that executes on the ‘System’. We actually execute, on your behalf, ensuring that fundraising leads don’t fall through the cracks and more leads get from interested, to closed.

  • Pitch Prep: We’ll conduct a practice session with the principals in order to iron out any technical issues with the pitch ahead of time, as well as provide substantive feedback on the pitch.
  • Scheduling Service: We’ll screen and follow up with viable potential investors to schedule a Zoom call with your principals.
  • Pitch Call Moderation: We’ll sit in on the investor Zoom call to provide support, and help answer any non-deal specific questions.
  • Pitch Call Follow Up: We’ll follow up with potential investors to answer any remaining questions, and schedule a follow up call or closing date.
  • Closing: We’ll administer the uploading, formatting and sending of closing documents to investors, and facilitate electronic signature.
  • Funding: We’ll coordinate the funding of an investment, and confirm funding has been received to both the investor and principals.

Pricing Structure

Unlike many other digital advertising agencies, we believe that our pricing structure shouldn’t be “hidden” until after a sales call. So we’re transparent about how we price our services.

  • Initial Strategy Call: Free
  • Website Creation, Funnel Setup & Tech Integration: $20,000, one-time.
  • Lead Nurturing Service: $5,000 per month

Interested in discussing further? Let’s setup a time to chat!